About Us

Lures Factory

Through years of experiences, Lures Factory has evolved and positioned itself as one of the pioneer & respected Thailand-based company in producing life-like fishing lures and accessories.
Backed by rock-solid fishing lures design team, experienced hand crafters and talented artists, Lures Factory is aiming to brings you the best of life-like fishing lures which beautiful in looks and actions.
Lures Factory is the only Thailand’ fishing lures maker that able to mass produces life-like handmade fishing lures with great degree of detailing. We have been producing various types of handmade fishing lures under different in-house brands such as WildBait, Megafrox, Triton, Bufo and Combait.
Lures factory has been trusted by many companies from around the globe to design and produce quality handmade fishing lures, we have been offering OEM and ODM services to both domestic and international reputable companies.
Through constant improvements and innovations, Lures Factory is committed and thrives to bring you a whole new level of lure fishing experiences.

Our Brand

  • megaflox
  • triton
  • bufo
  • wildbait
  • UG180x100