Bull Frog

Bull Frog


  • Length : 4.0 cm.
  • Weight : 9.0 g
  • Weight with Packaging : 23.5 g.
  • Hook Size: 1/0

Product Description

Bullfrogs are voracious eaters, and will eat just about any animal they can swallow. These include: insects, crayfish, worms, minnows, other frogs (even Bullfrogs), small turtles, snakes, baby birds, and small mammals.

The Bullfrog is the largest frog found in North America. It comes vary in color, from dark olive to pale green above, and from white to cream underneath. They often have dark gray mottling (splotches) on their back legs.

They are most active at night and good swimmers.

Bullfrogs usually hibernate in the winter by burying themselves in mud; Bullfrogs certainly have a deep, loud call which can be heard up to a quarter of a mile.

MegaFrox Bull Frog / Bull Frog Jr lures was designed due to the fact that they are commonly found on any ponds or lakes as fish’ prey.

Bull Frog lures come in 4 cm in length, weighing 8.5 g and Bull Frog Jr come in 3.5 cm in length, weighing 6.5 g. Both models are equipped with internal rattling chamber, premium strong double hook, high quality skirts and an adjustable weed guard.

Bull Frogs lures are designed to cruise above heavy cover areas to lure-out ambush fishes. Bullfrogs are design to create splashing action with constant retrieve and with combination of twitching will create exciting actions that appeal to the fishes.

Recommended Actions

- Steady retrieve.

- Steady Retrieve with jerk / pop.

- Twitch with pause.

- Fast retrieve with twitch.