Crazy Frog

Crazy Frog


  • Length : 2.5 cm.
  • Weight : 6.0 g
  • Weight with Packaging : 13.0g.
  • Hook Size: 1

Product Description

Lures Factory’ Crazy frog lures are small in size but big in action.

Crazy frog when use with straight and constant speed retrieves, it does the “head-shake” effect which will drive fish nuts!

Crazy frogs are excellent lures to be used where the fishes are feeding on the small preys and prefer a “panic” action.

Crazy frog also a perfect lure to be used on weedy spots as it quipped with weed-guard. With the weight of 5 g. and length 2.5 cm, crazy frog might be small in size but it does produce big results!