Lady Bug

Lady Bug


  • Length : 4.5 cm.
  • Weight : 10 g
  • Weight with Packaging : 17 g.
  • Hook Size: 2/0

Product Description

Triton Lady bug lures are designed and painted with beautiful patterns and attractive colors to imitate real lady bugs found in the wild, it is created to target fishes that feeds on the slow moving preys.

Lady bug lure creates subtle top-water actions such as splashing and popping sound when it works with constant retrieves.

Besides constant speed retrieve, lady bug can be fish with occasional twitch and pause which will cause louder popping sound.

Lady bug comes in two sizes but it does produces similar actions, it’s also comes with different colors that allows you to decide which color work best on certain condition.

Lady bug lures are certainly beautiful but most importantly it works! and catch fishes!

Recommended Actions

- Steady speed retrieves (not too slow and not too fast) until it creates pop-pop-pop sounds.

- Steady Retrieve with twitch and pause.

- Pop it.