Muscle Frog

Muscle Frog


  • Length : 6.5 cm.
  • Weight : 18.5 g
  • Weight with Packaging : 116.0 g.
  • Hook Size: 3/0

Product Description

WildBait Muscle frog lures are one of our best frog lure series under the WildBait product. Each Muscle frog is handcrafted and painted with excellent details.

Most anglers that have seen and tried our muscle frog lures think that these lures are truely a work of art rather than fishing lures. WildBait Muscle frog lures not only beautiful in look but it is also in the actions.

Each of WildBait Muscle frog are designed and built with strong hard body form, sharp and strong double hooks, weed-guard and high quality skirts.

With the perfect length of 6 cm and excellent weight of 18.5 g. WildBait Muscle frog allows you to perform an accurate and long-cast capability that you can have in one single lure.

Recommended Actions

- Steady retrieve.

- Steady retrieves with pause.

- Steady Retrieve with jerk / pop.

- Twitch with pause.

- Fast retrieve with twitch.