New Mash Frog

New Mash Frog


  • Length : 5.0 cm.
  • Weight : 16 g
  • Hook Size: 3/O

Product Description

Mash Frog lures come in 5 cm in length, weighing 13 g and Mash Frog Jr come in 3.5 cm in length, weighing 5.5 g. Both models are equipped with internal rattling chamber, premium strong double hook, high quality skirts and an adjustable weed guard.

Mash Frog lures series come with two different sizes so that you can choose which size best suits your targeted fish. Both sizes produce similar actions.

Recommended Actions

- Steady retrieve.

- Steady retrieves with pause.

- Steady Retrieve with jerk / pop.

- Twitch with pause.