Prodigy Buzzbait

Prodigy Buzzbait


  • Length : 11.0 cm.
  • Weight : 27.0 g
  • Weight with Packaging : 43.0 g.
  • Hook Size: 5/0

Product Description

Prodigy Buzzbait comes in 11 cm in length, weighing 27 g. are equipped with premium extra strong single hook, stainless steel propeller, stainless steel ball bearing, 3D eye & high quality silicone skirts.

Prodigy Buzzbait are designed to create loud clanking sound which a perfect lure to attract fishes that usually prey on water surface. In order to produce loud clacking sound, Prodigy buzzbait designed with 3 kind of metal contacts, the first contact is the rotating buzzbait, second loud sound is created from the contact between the rotating buzzbait and the strong aluminum clacker and the third loud sound produced from the buzzbait in contact with stainless steel ball bearing planted on the buzzbait body underneath the buzzbait.

Prodigy buzzbait lures not only loud in sound by it is loud in action, these lures are a perfect long cast and accurate cast lures.

Recommended Actions

- Steady retrieve.

- Steady Retrieve with twitch / pop.

- Fast retrieve.