Sushi 10

Sushi 10


  • Length : 10.0 cm.
  • Weight : 21.0g
  • Weight with Packaging : 36.0 g.
  • Hook Size: 2
  • Rattle: Yes

Product Description

The first ever non-reptiles and non-amphibians lures from Lures Factory, featuring “Sushi” lures, the ultimate walk-a-dog surface lures that have great detailing and finishing.

Sushi lures are not only beautiful in look but it is also beautiful in action, work it like a common walk-a-dog lures, Sushi lures produce move side-to-side action on the water surface. With such detailing and actions, sushi lures definitely able to trigger fishes into feeding frenzy mood.

Sushi lures are designed and enforced with strong through wire, premium strong hook and of course, each of every one of them is individually painted and makes it so special that none of the lure will be identically the same.

Recommended Actions

- Steady speed retrieves (not too slow and not too fast)

- Steady Retrieve with twitch / pop